About Us

Warren Hearing Solutions is owned and operated by Sandra Warren, a Licensed Hearing Aid Dipsener, Registered Medical Assistant, and Certified Dementia Practioner.  Sandra has been in the medical field for more 20 years and has 25 years of hearing aid experience. 

After working for a renowned ENT practice for more than 15 years in Winston Salem, NC; Sandra opened Warren Hearing Solutions in Mocksville, NC to provide a much-needed service to the Counties of Davie, Yadkinville, Davidson, and Bermuda Run.  

Sandra has spent the last year becoming a Certified Dementia Practioner to better serve those afflicted with Dementia and Alzheimer’s who wear hearing aids.  This provides a more honest and trusting relationship between the medical provider, patient, and patient’s caregivers.   

Hearing loss is a medical problem and at Warren Hearing Solutions, our goal is to improve your ability to communicate. We want to help you understand the wonderful things you may hear in your life; not just make sounds louder.  After a complete hearing evaluation, Warren Hearing Solutions will discuss with you and/or your family members all of your test results. 

If your hearing loss cannot be corrected medically or surgically, hearing aids may be recommended. Sandra will then give you information about hearing aids. There are many different manufacturers and models to choose from when selecting hearing aids that will best compensate for your hearing loss.  A full hearing aid evaluation will be provided going over the different makes and models, as well as, pros and cons of all styles.  We want you to make a fully informed decision when it comes time to buy hearing aids.  

We fit and repair most types of hearing aids. Warren Hearing Solutions also provides cleaning tools, batteries, and other supplies to keep your hearing aid working at it’s peak.  We also provide an extensive line of Assisted Listening Devices, custom earmolds (swimming, hunter’s, musician’s etc.).